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History of East Kelowna market

           The East Kelowna Hall is an integral foundation and cornerstone of wellbeing in the community.  It has been the gathering place for the past 80 years, providing community connections to all people of ages and diversities, especially for the existing community folk of; farmers, orchardists, wineries, and many local businesses of pioneering families that homesteaded in this area 100 years ago.  Its historical value alone is of key importance for the preservation of this historical building.  It's the home of many non-profit organizations such as; brownies, girl guides, scouts, cadet squadron, Kelowna Volleyball Association, East Kelowna Market, celebrations of life, weddings, and other non-profit sectors. 


         This Community Hall plays an important role in bringing people together, helping to form friendships and social networks.  These attributes are an essential element in the creation and maintenance of strong communities.

As I have been a Community Facilitator for the past 18 years in the South/East Kelowna area.  I have developed strong admiration and connections over the years for the resident’s families, wineries, and farmers.  With driving daily by the beautiful  East Kelowna Hall, I felt a strong pull to create a market for the community, where we could connect through the love of local art, craft, food, and music.   Supporting local artisans, crafters, farmers, wineries, and local musicians and honor the stewards of the land that created and built the hall with the simple intention of bringing the community together. 


        It was a natural transition to explore other ways to unite the community and the East Kelowna Market started in 2016.   The market’s vision has always been to encourage artisans and crafters to have an opportunity to have their own storefront in an affordable, creative, warm, and welcoming environment on a Sunday.  With community comes a sense of belonging, creativity, support, and above all connection to self and others.

Kathy Sawchuk

East Kelowna Market Bawse

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