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At East Kelowna Market, we take great pride in our commitment to excellence and fostering strong relationships with our vendors and location hosts. Our testimonials speak volumes about the unique experience we offer. Hear directly from our valued partners, vendors, and location hosts about their firsthand experiences with us. Their stories highlight the thriving community we've built together and the opportunities for growth and success that East Kelowna Market has provided. We invite you to explore these testimonials to gain insight into the collaborative spirit that defines our market and the positive impact it has on all those who participate. Join us in celebrating the voices that make East Kelowna Market a truly exceptional place to be.

Rebel Craft Farm


How to Find Rebel Craft Farm: 

On Instagram and Facebook @rebelcraftfarm

Visit her site at:

"I cannot express enough how much I thoroughly enjoy my market season with East Kelowna Markets. From the moment I step foot into their events, I am greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere that truly showcases the best of our local community.One of the highlights of the summer is having the opportunity to set up our stalls at different wineries and breweries. It's a unique and exciting experience to use these venues as our backdrop, creating a dynamic and immersive market experience. However, it is at their home turf, the East Kelowna Hall, where East Kelowna Markets truly shines. They have managed to build a strong community of vendors and local supporters, creating a vibrant and inclusive space for everyone to come together. The dedication and passion of Kathy and Kat, the organizers, are evident in every detail of the market.
What sets East Kelowna Markets apart is their commitment to showcasing local artisans, including those in the food, drink, and music industries. It's a treat to be a part of these events, as they provide a platform for talented individuals to share their craft and connect with the community. The sense of camaraderie and support among the vendors is truly inspiring.
I cannot recommend East Kelowna Markets enough. Whether you're a local looking for a fun and engaging way to spend your weekends, a visitor wanting to experience the best of our community, or a creative wanting to showcase your passion, this market is a must-visit. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible talent, delicious offerings, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere that East Kelowna Markets consistently delivers." -Kasey from Rebel Craft Farm

Munn And Mars

“Kath and Kat took a chance on me when I was questioning my talent as an artist and wasn’t even sure how my art would be received. Since joining this beautiful, community-driven market, my confidence has blossomed and you can now find my art in 2 retail locations in the Okanagan. I look forward to every market, and getting to speak with other like-minded creators and dreamers. You’ll never find a kinder and more uplifting group of people.” - Meghan, Munn and Mars


How to Find Munn and Mars: 

On Instagram @munnandmars


How to Find Mission Meadows Soapery: 

On Instagram and Facebook @mmsoapery

Visit her site at:

Mission meadows Soapery

"I’ve been a crafter for many years and a soap maker for about a decade. In early 2018, a friend suggested I try selling my soaps at this new little market up in East Kelowna, not too far from where I live. To my surprise, I was accepted and have been a vendor at the East Kelowna Market since. From my first market date, I have been completely blown away by the market organizers (Kathy and her team) and by my fellow vendors. The friendliness and encouragement I’ve encountered on a weekly basis have been, and still are, instrumental in my continued attendance. These past six years have meant so much more to me than just a place to sell my products. Kathy, Kat, and the entire team have become more than just market organizers; they’ve become people I consider friends. Their enthusiasm is infectious; their encouragement has been heartening and their suggestions have been taken to heart. I look forward to every market date and spending time with fellow vendors, people I consider my market family."  -Eve, Mission Meadows Soapery

Turtle Mountian chocolate

"I really love participating in the East Kelowna market because it is a lovely, easy-to-find venue and the organization skills of Kathy and Kat and of the market are excellent. The community of artisans it attracts are lovely and I feel we have all become very familiar with one another. A family feel! I love the fact it attracts super-friendly people from all over Kelowna and we have become familiar with them too. Looking forward to our next market!"- Ruth from Turtle Mountain Chocolate


How to Find Turtle Mountian Chocolate: 

On Instagram and Facebook @turtlemountainchocolate

Visit her site at:

Rainbow Hill Creative

"Being a vendor at the East Kelowna market, is always the highlight of the weekend. Showing up the morning of a market, and seeing warm cheerful faces, excited organizers always smiling is so nice. I’ve been a vendor at this market for a few years. It has been an absolute joy. The monthly & holiday themes, the details in the decorations, events for families, the musical guests and or entertainment is always top notch.  I love seeing what Kathy & Kat come up with. Everyone is so friendly. I’ve made so many friends with both fellow vendors and loyal & regular market customers. It really does feel like a gathering of good friends who share their love for crafting, creating and sharing.
I’ve done a few other market events, but I never felt at home the way I do at The East Kelowna Market. I have the market, Kathy & Kat to thank for helping my little cookie business get off the ground.  It’s been amazing!"-Kasey, Rainbow Hill Creative 


How to Find Rainbow Hill Creative: 

On Instagram and Facebook @rainbowhillcreative

Libre Chaos 


"The East Kelowna Markets always feel like a celebration. The organizers do an amazing job creating a fun, community atmosphere, a smooth, organized experience for the great variety of vendors, finding beautiful locations and talented musicians; they bring all these elements together and elevate them. We love attending East Kelowna Markets both as a vendor and a shopper!" -Kristen and Dom, Libra Chaos

How to Find Libre Chaos: 

On Instagram and Facebook @librechaos

Visit their site at:

Artsy Phartsy

"Firstly, I just want to say that both of you do a really good job at all of the markets. I really enjoyed the last two that I’ve done at the wineries. I think it’s a really good atmosphere and a good mix to have them together. There has been such a good turnout in the last two as well. The volume of people has been high. I overheard customers as well saying what a great market it is and that is East Kelowna Market as one of the best. I also had people asking how often we do it and when we do it and how do they know when it’s happening. So, all that to say, keep up the good work you guys are great." -Artsy Phartsy


How to Find Artsy Phartsy: 

On Instagram and Facebook @artsyphartsykelowna

Visit her site at:

Oh Baby Consignment


How to Find Oh Baby Consignment: 

On Instagram and Facebook @ohbabyconsignmentco

Visit their site at:

Or Visit their two downtown Kelowna Store Fronts

“I am delighted to share my experience as a vendor with East Kelowna Markets, and I can’t speak highly enough of their exceptional market organization. From their prompt and informative responses to any questions or concerns I’ve had, to the seamless and fun operation of their markets, my experience with them has been great. One of the standout features of East Kelowna Markets is their commitment to making the vendor experience as smooth as possible. The application process, in particular, is refreshingly straightforward and user-friendly, allowing vendors like myself to complete it with ease. This streamlined approach sets the stage for a stress-free and enjoyable market participation. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their markets, and I look forward to many more successful and enjoyable events with them in the future.”Brielle & Carrie, Oh Baby Consignment

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